New : clean label concept & preservative reduction

15 February 2018.

PAL The clean label concept is an objective for many food producers. It can be, in some cases, a health issue. Nowadays, authorities, researchers and consumers are expressing more and more concerns about the impact of various additives.

Active packaging solutions are aiming to replace preservatives or at least reduce their use. They have been scientifically evaluated by European Authorities. It is the case for ATCO® oxygen absorbers. Our absorbers are used for many years in the food industry. They received a positive evaluation of EFSA regarding their use in direct food contact. It means that there are efficient and safe; a very good way to apply the clean label concept.

Nevertheless, most of oxygen absorbers cannot be used in direct contact with liquid (for instance products in solution of vinegar, oil or alcohol) or for long time conservation with humidity saturated products. In these applications, the active component is drowned and the efficiency of the absorber drops.

ATCO® developed new active packaging solutions suited for industrial needs where potential contact with liquids or long-term conservation in humid condition can occur.

Several customers are running long term testing to validate these solutions for small packaging (200 ml) up to drums (300 l).