Standa Laboratories

standaSince 1955, STANDA Laboratories have developed and marketed products and solutions to maintain the original qualities of your food products and to control the fermentations of your dairy products.

The ATCO® (active packaging) and SANICO® (food coating) ranges guarantee:

  • Hygienic quality: to optimize the safety of your food, in the constant respect of the regulations.

  • Organoleptic quality: to facilitate the adhesion and the loyalty of your final consumers, by acting on the sensory perception - color, form, texture, taste, aromas ...

  • Quality of use and use: to optimize the conservation of your ingredients and foods over time in a regular and reproducible way.

The PAL® range offers original organic specialties for cheese production.

  • Crops of Geotrichum for soft cheeses and pressed dough.

  • Cocktail of Propionic bacteria to act on the eyes of your cheeses.

  • Selective culture medium for counting bacteria in milk or cheese

  • Thermophilic lactic cultures for cooked cheeses

INDEPENDENT and NORMANDS, STANDA Laboratories multiply Research and Development internally but also externally with public and private institutions.

Ability to listen to needs, technical expertise and a constant desire to propose solutions explain the lasting partnership and trust that binds STANDA Laboratories with all its customers.

Because industrial success can not be achieved without women and men, all employees of Laboratoires STANDA share a single objective: YOUR SATISFACTION!