Our products are subject to specific regulations, particularly in food contact (CE450 / 2009) and have been evaluated for their safety by the competent European Administration (EFSA).

ATCO® products are non-toxic, but they are not intended to be consumed (like toothpaste for example).

Although ATCO® absorbers have been used for over 25 years in food in Europe, they remain little known to consumers.

One can observe especially in Japan known for its rigor in terms of quality and hygiene, consumers are more accustomed to the need for the absence of oxidation of their food; the oxygen absorber is a guarantee of quality.

By locating the production of ATCO® absorbers in France, we guarantee compliance with European regulations, hygiene and traceability rules for maximum consumer safety, as well as the men and women who manufacture them. They are committed to bringing you sustainable and healthy products.


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